Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Primitive Antique Washboard with Hand Rug Hooked Mat

Here is my latest "Primitive Pair"! This is a wonderful antique washboard. It is marked Empire Glass, Manufactored by Canadian Woodenware, Winipeg, St. Thomas, Montreal. This has a glass face and is in nice original condition. The lettering is worn. It has a hand rubbed wax finish and has been fitted with a custom rug hooking depicting a young girl using a similar washboard in an old wooden wash tub. The mat is hooked on a linen base and is of recycled, hand dyed wool. The girl has her hair up in a wrap and the end loops are dimensional. The soap suds are hooked of my own natural roving from locally raised sheep. The overall dimensions are approximately 22 by 13. The mat is 10 1/2 inches wide and 12 inches high and is tacked to the washboard--and easily removed. It is signed and dated and is a Plum Purdy Primitives original design. This would make a great addition to your primive laundry room decor but could be displayed most anyway--even hung on a wall.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're back!

We're back from our visit to beautiful Victorian Cape May. We had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect. We took the Cape May- Lewis Ferry over Delaware Bay to Cape May. We saw tons of Dolphins on the way. As many of you know, we were celebrating our 40th anniversary. We stayed at the Atlas--we usually stay there whenever we are in Cape May. We used to be involved in several of the Antique Co-ops there that were run by Bill Sapanaro--and made frequent trips with frequent stays at the Atlas. Bill has moved on to other interests and the co-ops just aren't the same. We visit and shop--but no longer sell there.
We walked our legs off--Doc would be proud of us! We spent alot of time searching for sea glass. I was on the beach early Monday morning and of course had my head down searching. I realized someone was coming my way and looked up to find Peg Kauffman--my first Rug Hooking instructor. What a small world. She was in Cape May for a Rug Hooking Gathering, which she highly recommended. Maybe next year?
Some of you may already know that I use my sea glass in my jewelry designs.--that's another part of my life. I've recently started an new blog for my sea glass designs--stop by if you get a chance.

I have alot of hooking to catch up on and hopefully will be hard at "work" this coming weekend.
Right now I have to catch up on the reality of life--the laundry and the cleaning so I will talk again soon.