Monday, December 15, 2008

Red SaltBox and Willows...Primitive Hooked Rug

Here is Anita's second rug that she commissioned---finally done and in plenty of time for Christmas. The picture is a little yellower than this really is--I took the pic at night under incandescent light. I enjoyed hooking this one but I especially liked the background color that I dyed for the center background. At first I did a golden color somewhere between golden yellow and autumn gold in two values, but I felt it was still too yellow and bright. I had already cut it when I made the decision--in fact had hooked about 1/6 of the background using the two shades. So I took it all out and overdyed my worms with my own recipe to achieve a wonderful "yellowware bowl" which really set off the details and borders of the rug. I really loved the color and I hope that Anita does too.
This evening I have been learning to card wool. I bought the card on ebay--not bad but not as good condition as they said-but okay to learn with. I've had the fleeces of emmy and Lucy since June when Emanual sheared the girls. I spent quite a while washing the fleeces but have had them stored since then-- till I found cards. I watched the demonstration of wool carding at the Haycreek Festival in September and then I've watched alot of online videos since then so tonight I dug in and have been teaching myself how to card. I also have learned that the locks should be picked before carding. There are special long toothed combs for this but I don't have any and some of the videos show the picking simply done by hand so that's what I've been doing---gently separating each lock and then using the picked wool to load the card. Despite all the washing and drying and fluffing I did in June, I'm amazed at how much debris I still found within the locks. I don't know how long it will take to finish carding the fleece but I certainly enjoyed this evening and made a nice dent in the first fleece. This is Lucy's fleece and she spends alot of her time sleeping under the trees and bushes --which is apparently the debris I am picking out of the wool.

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katie said...

Great rug, I love how the house in inset with a different color. Nice work.