Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blue Birds Primitive Hooked Rug

I've been working away on my Blue Birds rug and its finally finished. I had a lot of fun with this one--especially the background which was dyed with onion skins. I just took a class with Peg Kauffmann--she introduced us to proddy and I had a lot of fun adding proddy flowers and leaves to the rug. It meaures about 30" by 19" The design is taken from my collection of Blue Bird China.
I finished just in time! The back yard blue birds came and ate today. Its the same pair that we've had for several years. I was on the deck filling the feeders when I saw them on the blue bird house. I called them and they flew right over so I ran in and got them their first mealworms of the season. This morning they were sharing with the titmice-and it didn't seem to bother them. In the summer they have to share with the catbirds and they don't get along too well. They are callling for a winter mix tonight--nice way to start off the month of March. I guess it will be another in like a lion and hopefully out like a lamb year! Anyway-at least its on its way.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It feels like Spring!!

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The temp soared to 61 today and what a welcome reprieve it was. I know its not Spring and I know it won't last but it sure beats the single digit and teens stuff we've been having over the last few weeks. It definitely has me thinking spring. Feb. is usually when I start getting in supplies for the backyard Bluebirds. By supplies I mean Meal Worms! Most people don't know (or care)that there has been a nationwide shortage of these since last Summer. Some of the online sources say they have them and I checked with the feed store and they finally have them again. I placed my order for the first 1000 today. I'm sure the Blue Birds will be thrilled. All I have to do is walk out onto the deck with my tin pie pan and a strainer of about 50 mealworms....put the pie pan on the railing and empty the strainer of mealworms into it---call the Bluebirds (yes, thats right--call them!) and tap the strainer on the pan a few times for good measure. They fly down from where I can't even see them and while I stand inches away, stuff themselves with mealworms. Its loads of fun for me to watch---Bandit, my conure watches too--but I think he's a little jealous. I've done this for several years. Its the most fun in the summer when they have nestlings and it is the biggest thrill when they finally bring the babies to the pie pan for the first time.
Anyway--this all got me thinking of blue birds today. I have a small collection of Blue Bird china--sometimes called Grandmothers China and I love the design that is on the china. I've decided to do a hooked rug for my back hallway where I have the Bluebird China displayed along with other things Blue Bird.
Shown above are some of the portions of the design I'm working on. The background for the rug will be light and I'm planning on finally using the yellow onion skins I've been collecting for my dye pot (they must think I'm crazy at Shady Maple).
I'll show you my progress as soon as I can. Happy Hooking! Spring is on the Way!